All Abuzz: Bella Center partners with ByBi to improve business through biodiversity

City bees (Bybi) bring more bees to the city with an installation of bee hives on the roof of Scandinavia’s largest confers facility, the Bella Center, Copenhagen. This is not just a cute stunt.  Bees are dying in record numbers and need safe places to house their colonies. Most scientist believe that a result of climate change, has been a proliferation of new illnesses among the bees who, more and more can no longer survive without people looking after them. Therefore Bybi work with companies and social projects to train a new generation of city beekeepers. This means that the beekeepers are people who have been living on the edge of society with no connection to the job market.

Bella Center was among the first companies who saw the potential in the Bybi project, and therefore became a sponsor and partner. Now 600.000 bees are living on the roof of the center. Bees can live almost everywhere. They just need access to water and green areas. From the bee hives on the roof of the Bella Center the bees fly out for nectar, which is made into delicious city honey with the taste of many different plants and flowers.

The city bee project makes it possible to establish a sustainable local production, which also bring the benefits of biodiversity to Cophenhagen: jobs and economic benefits without pollution. It also helps the companies, the schools and the social organizations of the city to help the bees. Bees are kept in small corners of the city, a new generation of beekeepers are found, and trained, among people who otherwise would not have entered the working force, and finally it gives our stakeholders insight into the extraordinary world of the honeybee. In addition, honey makes a wonderful gift for clients or family.

City bee (Bybi) has gained recognition as one of the best social companies in Europe and is among other things the winner of “This is European Social Innovation 2010”, a competition offered by The Young Foundation and the European Commision.