Behind the scenes in photos and video

The Photos

Behind every result, decision and compromise negotiated by a Council Presidency, is hard work by many people.  People that set the policy, people working out the nitty-gritty details, people that ensure that everything runs smoothly and those who digest the information and bring us the news.

Photographer Bjarke Oersted has been following the Danish Presidency since the beginning of the year, capturing some important moments, but also the work that goes on behind the scenes. Photos that describe moments, places, unexpected events, people. And dogs.

The video

With a team of just 22 people, the logistics team delivered an EU Presidency at a fraction of the total cost of past Presidencies. The savings were an important result of the sustainable event management system, the highlights of which are featured here in this behind the scenes video.

The Presidency lasts for six months and there are major sustainability benefits to be gained from using the Presidency as a lever to underpin sustainable development in Denmark. This is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is collaborating with a number of partners with a view to supporting positive development through dialogue and cooperation.