Best Western Hotel City cares about the climate!

Best Western Hotel City works with an active environmental policy and therefore chooses environmentally certified suppliers when it is possible. For this reason the hotel has chosen DONG Energy Wind Power and is hereby sending a climate friendly signal and also strengthening the demand for sustainable energy in Denmark.

The Wind Power comes from the wind mill park “Overgaard” near Mariager Fjord. “Overgaard” is a 100% DONG Energy owned onshore wind mill park in Category 3.2.

Why is it important with a climate friendly profile?

Kåre Clausen, Hotel Manager of Best Western Hotel City says: “Many of the hotels’ business guests demand that the hotels have a climate friendly profile. Prospectively the customers will also have the opportunity to choose hotels which have a climate friendly profile through booking sites such as and On this basis it is very important that your hotel is not creened out in the booking process”.

Wind Power contributes to an improved climate friendly profile

“To obtain an improved climate friendly profile it is necessary that the hotels focus on several areas. DONG Energy Wind Power is one of these areas”, says Kåre Clausen.

The Next Step

Best Western Hotel City has also obtained the international eco label Green Key.

“We feel a moral responsibility to minimize our use of resources and do what we can for the environment. We do not believe that a climate friendly profile is something you buy; you have to be active and put your heart into it. With that in mind it is a continuous
process and the next step is to make an active effort in connection with the employees’ behaviour. If you want change, you must change your behaviour, Kåre Clausen says.