Copenhagen is hosting the world’s largest conference on sustainability and fashion

With 800-1000 international participants and keynote speeches from leading international designers, fashion companies and experts, Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012 is the world’s largest, most important event on fashion and sustainability. The overall theme is sustainable consumption or what we like to call the NICE Consumer.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012 will mark the UN Global Compact’s first sectorial initiative when a new Code of conduct will be launched specifically for the fashion industry.

Nordic Fashion Assocition
Nordic Fashion Association (NFA) was inaugurated in 2008 by the five Nordic fashion organisations: Danish Fashion Institute; Helsinki Design Week; Icelandic Fashion Council; Oslo Fashion Week; and Swedish Fashion Council. The organisation has the core purpose of gathering the Nordic fashion industry and collectively embark on the process of working with, and implementing, socially responsible and sustainable principles.

The five Nordic countries are globally known for a socially responsible business manner and are often referred to as clean and ethical. Therefore, this project coheres very well with the values and image the Nordic region already has. Furthermore, the Nordic countries share a tradition of high national social and environmental standards.