Green Key – A strong ecolabel

Green Keys goal is to become the tourism industry’s strongest label on numbers and demands. In Denmark, Green Key has been awarded to 170 businesses, while worldwide there are more than 1500 Green Key businesses in 25 countries.

In Denmark the Danish steering committee has approved the revised criteria, which takes effect from 2012. With a tightening of the requirements for the Green Key label, it will in the future put even greater demands on companies in the hospitality industry
who would like to call themselves green.

Among the changes is adding a lot of mandatory and scoring criteria’s. It will be required that companies promote their environmental work including their website, and the company must also prepare a waste management plan and green procurement.

The requirements are also to use more eco-labeled cleaning products, hot water pipes must be insulated, the water consumption by hand washing and shower facilities must be lowered. New mini bars have to use less than 0.75 kWh/ day, and the amount of organic food purchases must increase.