Green Matters: 63% of hotel rooms in Danish capital certified green

A record number of Copenhagen hotels went green in 2009 and 2010 – and the development continues. Today 63% of all rooms are certified in Copenhagen and 43% nationwide.

Copenhagen has a pioneering status when it comes to sustainable meetings. This status is underlined by the fact that 60% of the city’s hotel rooms now hold one of the official eco-certificates available for hotels, all of which indicate that the hotels in question stress environmental awareness.

The COP15 effect

In 2009 Copenhagen hosted the UN’s climate summit COP15, which was certified as the world’s first sustainable political international summit. The rise in the number of environmentally certified hotels is partly due to COP15. End 2008 only 12% of the hotel rooms where certified – end 2009 the number was 53%.

“The fact that Denmark decided to host COP15 at a far greater level of sustainability then required by UN has been a catalyst for the city’s tourism industry. The selection is far greener than prior to the summit,” says Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, managing director of Wonderful Copenhagen.

According to Jens Zimmer Christensen, chairman of HORESTA (Danish trade association for the catering, hotel and hospitality industry), the development is also due to a broader green awareness among guests. He says:

“There is a demand for environmentally certified hotels from major companies in particular. They need to show their employees or clients that they act in an environmentally responsible way, when selecting hotels.”

Copenhagen – The Capital of Sustainable Meetings

Following the COP 15 certification Wonderful Copenhagen has set a target: Copenhagen, which in 2009 ranked number of 30 cities in Siemens European Green City Index, is to be ‘The Capital of Sustainable Meetings’.