Hotel Hesselet a climate partner with Dong Energy

Hotel Hesselet:

Hotel Hesselet and Dong Energy, DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe,  have signed a climate partner agreement committing Hotel Hesselet to reduce their C02 emissions. This is done through investments in green technology provided by Dong Energy and thereby making it a long term investment.

Hotel Hesselet is built in 1967, which creates certain challenges when investing in heat and power consumption. However, big changes have already been made.

A solar panel powers the new room wing instead of a heat plant. All water and heat systems have been improved with new technology making it more C02-friendly and more easy to monitor usage.

The pool has got new power efficient water pumps and a new system regulating the flow of water in a much more efficient way.

Dong Energy is also buying power from a Power-exchange in Norway to Hotel Hesselet as a part of the partnership.

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