Huge Solar project makes Danhostel Ribe even greener

Danhostel Ribe in Denmark is working with its neighbour, Ribe Jernindustri (Denmark’s largest manufacturer of panel heaters/radiators) and the surrounding community on a proposed solar energy project, ‘RIBE SOL’ (Ribe Sun). If the project is approved by the parliament, it will significantly reduce the annual carbon emissions with 1000 ton and will in the long term be a much more cost-effective energy source. In addition it helps the two companies and the town to become greener.

Since Danhostel Ribe was certified with the Green Key eco-label (1997) the hostel has continuously worked to improve its position. The Ribe Sun project will help, as it will provide the hostel with even more sustainable energy (primarily electricity). As both the hostel and Ribe Jernindustri own land in the Wadden Sea National Park nearby it is also a strong signal working together on this
green project.

Twice a small delegation, supported by local members of parliament, went to the Danish Parliament to meet with its Climate- and Energy Committee about the proposed project.

Here are some facts about the project:

  • Size: Use the 27000 m2 rooftop at Ribe Jernindustri to place…
  • ..10000 m2 solar panels (primarilay PVs for electricity production)
  • The plant will contribute with 33% green energy compared to our total consumption at the
  • Investment level: approx 22.500.000 DKK (3.500.000 Euro)
  • Reduce carbon emission with 1000 tons per year

Beside the two local partners both the local energy company, Sydenergi, and the local University (Aalborg University in Esbjerg) are involved in the project. Their aim is to create a big research programme to collect more information on solar energy, and  leverage the development of solar technology. It is further to find solutions for handling integration of local produced electricity into a intelligent power system (smart grid) and last not least contribute to handle the peak load situations in the power consumption.

For further informations, please contact Jens Philipsen, manager of Danhostel, Ribe. Mail: