Introducing the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol

From analysis of COP15 and other large events that demonstrate leadership in sustainability, five areas consistently surface as instrumental factors in achieving measurable sustainability performance:
• Visionary Leadership.
• Strategic Approach.
• Stakeholder Engagement and Communication.
• Operational Integration.
• Transparent Governance and Assurance.

The CSMP combines these insights into a management framework that can be used by event planners to achieve better triple bottom line results: social, environmental and economic.

Pioneering sustainable event planners integrate these five areas into a management system that aligns and supports their day-to-day business practices. In a structured framework, sustainability tactics are approached with strategic, operational, collaborative and administrative consideration and processes.

In the real world, when implementing the CSMP the five areas are not necessarily continually syncronised or executed in a serial fashion. Instead all five have to be considered within the entire planning and organisation of the event. They are always connected and progress should be consistently reviewed using a systems approach of: PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT.

This Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol provides insights and examples for how to use the five areas to improve the sustainability of large events and meetings.