Keyhole label help consumers identify the healthier choices

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s Keyhole label can help consumers identify the healthier choices when buying food.


The Danish consumers know the Keyhole from supermarkets shelves, where it can be found on food products. But now, restaurants have the chance of being Keyhole-certified – and Trinity Hotel & Konference Center is the first of its kind in Denmark.

Through several years, Trinity Hotel & Konferencecenter has developed the gastronomic concept Eat Wise, and the Keyhole-certification comes as a natural result of the many years of intensive work. To get the Keyhole a restaurant must live up to certain requirements:

  • – Product range – there must be offered at least one keyhole-dish every day.
  • – Education – at least one employee must have participated in the keyhole education course, while other employees must have gone through a webinar.
  • – Communication – food must be labelled in accordance with the keyhole-concept in order to aid the costumer to put together a healthier meal
  • – Documentation/control – the restaurant must document the composition of the meal and ensure there is ongoing monitoring

“Our wise eat ® concept is primarily developed because there is an increasing demand for tasty food that contains a minimum of fat and sugar – and that is not heavy in the stomach when our customers must be sharp for several days of conference or course, “says CEO, Hermann Christensen from Trinity. “To us, food is an important part of the wholeness of our offer to customers on an equal footing with the physical hotel and conference facilities.”

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