More than logistics: Event organizer takes holistic approach

There is bottled water on the table at Crone & Co, but the trip to the mineral water aisle in the local supermarket will now be replaced by a filter on the taps in the office as CSR and environmental awareness are already on the agenda at the eight-man bureau, based in Kødbyen (the meat packing district), in Copenhagen.

Crone and Co have been given the task of developing what will be the most sustainable EU presidency ever, when Denmark hosts over 100 meetings during the first half of 2012.

– Of course, sustainability is an important factor. All hotels must be eco-certified, and when we went out to check on security at the hotels together with PET (Secret Service, edit.), the police and the Foreign Ministry, we cycled. And of course water must come from the tap – both in meetings and also here in the office, smiles René Crone, managing director of Crone & Co, and a former marketing director of Microsoft Denmark.

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