Northside: Aarhus Denmark’s Sustainable Festival

Northside Festival is,as of 2011, a brand new music festival in Aarhus.

The festival features internationally acclaimed artists while promoting three values: Sustainability, innovation participant involvement.

The festival was sold out with 15.000 fans!

In it’s first year, Northside made the first small steps in cooperation with Sustainable agency WorldPerfect, also from Aarhus.

Among the initiatives were a comprehensive effort to coordinate public transportation or biking or walking to the venue. The resulting was that just 300 cars were parked during the two days.

All food was organic and all beer was served in sustainable glasses. “Garbage-heroes”, a trained volunteer force,  supporting the event with collecting and sorting waste.

All communication and marketing material was made in stonepaper (programs, poster etc.) the most sustainable paper on the market.

Check out Northside Festival 2012 here