Stakeholder Engagement

noviembre 25, 2011 gbigwood 200

  Informed, engaged stakeholders can be instrumental in the delivery of sustainable events. Successful leaders have the ability to connect with people and organisations in […]

COP15 Event Sustainability Report

noviembre 25, 2011 gbigwood 112

COP15 United Nations Climate Conference, Copenhagen, Event Sustainability Report The organisation of COP15 was an inspiring example of how large events can facilitate sustainable destination […]

Operational Integration

noviembre 25, 2011 gbigwood 129

Advanced practitioners integrate, rather than attach sustainable development principles into their existing event management organisation and system. The event management system refers to the system […]

COP15 Carbon Emissions Report

noviembre 24, 2011 gbigwood 103

Integrated into the COP15 event sustainability report was an excellent study of local carbon emissions conducted by the Copenhagen office of Deloitte. COP15 Carbon Footprint […]

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