New initiative from one of Europe’s largest and most sustainable festivals

Another great initiative from one of Europe’s largest festivals, Roskilde Festival. Every year Roskilde Festival has new sustainable initiatives – sustainable art, sustainable camping, a sustainable stage, use of green power not to mention that all profits go to different charities.

This time it is about avoiding problems due to large pressure 100.000 people put on the mobile network. The Danish software experts, Trifork and Roskilde Festival are developing a Smartphone solution that can update the festival guests with news, even if the mobile network is overloaded. When the finished app goes live in early June, it will support user-to-user communication and efficient distribution of users’ own events at the festival.

When the festival starts, the app using bluetooth distribute news directly between festival guests mobiles, so they spread to all users, even if the coverage is sporadic. This will ensure quick and efficient sharing of both festival participants’ own camp events and any updates to the festival program. See more info on

This will help avoid the extra print material and make the app a more essential part of every event. Not to mention help keep cost down for the participants when wanting to check for updates without having to use the mobile network and spending time login on to yet another wireless network.

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