Severin Kursuscenter does it for the climate

For Severin Kursus & Konferencecenter it is all about responsibility and ecology. Severin has the esteemed Green Key and will continue to improve within the areas of the Green Key: mainly ecological food products, paper sorting and energy-efficient lighting.

In the dining area, Severin has switched all lighting to low energy bulbs, which will reduce the energy consumption with 85%! Tablecloths in the dining area have been switched to tablecloths that have a lifespan of 5 years, and thus reducing of thousands tablecloths every year.

Severin Kursuscenter also put forward environmental requirements to their suppliers. Severin only uses FSC label products if available. All laundry is only done with wash suppliers with the Danish Quality and Environmental certification and all toilet paper is of the brand Änglemark, which is  a Danish product series of ecological, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic products. In 2012 all towels will be change to recycling paper made out of old milk cartons.

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