Sinatur and the climate

The Sinatur hotel chain has 3 of their 5 hotels in South Denmark. Sinatur wants to act responsible and they have made a climate plan for all their hotels. Today they have a 600 kW wind turbine, two solar heating systems and a plant for burning wood chips. This in itself has reduced 500 tons of CO2, which equals 30% of the C02-usage that the hotel would have had without the sustainable energy.

Late 2012, Sinatur will have reduced their power consumption by 15% and their CO2-consumption with 25%. 66% of the total CO2-load is coming from power consumption and that is why Sinatur is focusing on that area.

Sinatur is increasing the usage of web-based energy-monitor-systems, so they can regulate the power consumption and improve within certain areas. Also a change in employee-behavior is important and Sinatur is using “10 Good advice” from The Danish Energy Saving Trust, which is a organisation with the remit to promote energy efficiency in households, the public sector, and the commercial and industrial sectors for all forms of energy use, other than transport.  

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