Sustainable thinking cuts meeting costs

The Danish EU Presidency will have an estimated cost of 35 million Euros. This is less than 1/3 of the costs of the previous Polish EU presidency, which amounted to 115 million Euros. These savings are achieved by choosing partners who are focused on cost savings as well as sustainability.

The Danish Minister of European Affairs, Nicolai Wammen, explains in an interview with the Danish TV station TV2, how the Denmark has found a cheaper way around hosting the EU Presidency compared to previous hosts, by thinking sustainably. Mr. Wammen also underlines the fact that this is not a time for extravagance and luxury, but that rather political results should be the main focus.

All of Europe needs to consider their expenses and the EU Presidency should not be an exception.

Andreas Boor from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have any concerns about making changes and maybe meeting resistance. Especially not when sustainability and health goes hand in hand with cost-savings. All aspects of the logistics of such a presidency has been scrutinized, initiatives have been carried using busses instead of limousines, removing expensive bottled water and expensive giveaways, and using only locally grown food products.

This new way of thinking sets a whole new standard, not only for future EU presidencies, but as how to conduct green meetings. The fact that planning more than 100 meetings, all with the environmental effects in mind, has proven to be no obstacle at this point. The Danish Sustainable Event Initiative hopes to continue this legacy and maintain the engagement created throughout its suppliers and stakeholders.

Learn more about the planning efforts behind the EU2012 logistics in this interview with Andreas Boor.