About Us

Welcome to the Sustainable Events Denmark site. I hope that you can learn something from this website.


I am Suzette, an event organizer and a writer at heart. I created this page to show everyone the importance of securing applications.

Sustainable Events Denmark was established in 2003 delivering high quality custom software solutions and services to large multi nationals utilising high calibre resources onshore and offshore with long lasting client relationships and growth driven through referrals.

We are a boutique, customer driven company charging only for the services needed. With proactive communication Sustainable Events Denmark’s clients get complete clarity on every engagement – honesty and integrity is the foundation of SED’s relationships. This approach has enabled to have long lasting relationships with it’s clients and benefit from growth via referrals.

As an international business, our needs are many and varied; and as that business has grown,

If you have questions, comments, and suggestions, please reach out to me.